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Will You be My Antenna
Listening to the Sound of Things


Project Detail:

2015 Wearable Project

Interaction Design, ArtCenter, USA

'Will You Be My Antenna?' transcends the ordinary, transforming everyday interactions into extraordinary experiences. Join us in this exciting exploration of sensory connectivity as we redefine the boundaries of wearable technology.

This project sparks a unique interaction between users and their surroundings, giving voice to inanimate objects and tuning in to their metaphorical whispers. The venture centers around a wearable device, aptly named 'Will You Be My Antenna?'


This avant-garde piece of technology combines the functionality of an earphone with an integrated radio antenna. Its most distinctive feature allows users to switch radio channels simply by making contact with different surfaces. This brings a fresh and intriguing tactile element to the way we engage with the auditory world around us.

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