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Project Detail:

2013 Graduation Project

Industrial Design, Taiwan, NTUST

published on 'Yanko design', see the article .

BathPouch is a revolutionary concept product design that reimagines the traditional approach to baby bathing. Inspired by the practices observed in hospitals, we have meticulously redesigned a healthier and more convenient bathing experience for infants. BathPouch encompasses a bathtub, stool, and towel, all integrated into a cohesive and innovative solution. BathPouch offers a unique bathing experience that prioritizes the comfort and safety of babies. The design combines soft, flexible materials with ergonomic considerations to ensure a gentle and secure environment for infants during their bathing routine. While BathPouch is currently a working model, its potential impact on the market is immense. However, due to limited funding, it has yet to be fully realized and made available to the public. We seek partnerships and investments to bring this groundbreaking concept to fruition, enabling parents and caregivers to embrace a healthier and more convenient approach to baby bathing.



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