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Wearable R.I.P.

2015 Wearable Intervention

USA, ArtCenter & Taiwan, NTUST

see the published on Core77, article , &

on Urbanist, see the article.

Wearable R.I.P. pattern open-resource on, welcome to download and create your own.


Wearable R.I.P. is an interactive sound neck pillow, reclining the neck and fall into the peaceful world. 

Relaxing like the dead on the street

exploration 1: design intervention in the open loop (wearer - spectator - wearable)

R.I.P. Improvisation with dancers

in Cloud Gate Classroom  

exploration 2: design intervention in the closed loop (wearer - spectator - wearable)

Design intervention planning detail introduction

Magazine to represent the field study

Selling the temporary death experience in the second hand market  

Extensional possible wearable worlds

extend the story background - cooperate with Illustrator: ggdog

The Efficienist

This is the extreme level of high self-engagement and involves no self-performance. They are workers following all instructions from the government. In their society, the only thing they care about is efficiency. They do not care about individual needs.


The efficienist wears a uniform to work; however, the uniform was designed for them to hide their personal belongings, silently and stealthily, to do as they please, and to commit crimes during their work.

The Interactionist

This is the extreme level of no self-engagement and involves no self-performance. The interactionists are all the same; they pursue the same goal in life to fight for the public’s welfare. They are unified—an ant-like society.


They wear uniforms and mind-control devices. Although they are all connected, they sometimes still require devices to connect with each other for confirmation and to communicate more deeply.

The Narcissist

This is level of high self-engagement and high self- performance; the narcissist loves themselves more than they love others. They seem to stay far away from people, as they neither care nor like to be understood. They act as who they are.


Along with the Wearable R.I.P., they may display themselves in the crowd exaggeratedly while being a mystery to other people. In the illustrator’s imagination, the narcissist wears a mask to block any emotional connection to others. The suit, inflated by air, is changeable; it can be big or small to prevent other people from knowing the actual size of the narcissist. A narcissist may hold a telescope to see somewhere far away from the actual world.

The Interventionist

This is the level of no self-engagement and high self- performance. They may be very positive fighters who fight for people’s welfare. They are eager to know everything about others; however, they may become excessively steeped in gossip.


The illustrator mentioned that the interventionists would like to decorate themselves with all of their favorite things, such as a variety of patches and snacks, even though some of them may be out of fashion. One of their special types of wearable devices is the hyper- listener (headphone). The hyper-listener can tune to varying distances, enabling them to hear everything at different ranges.

Open Resource

download the Wearable coffin paper model pattern

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