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Wearable R.I.P.:
Relax Like the Dead in the Middle of City Mayhem 


Project Detail:

2015 Wearable Design Intervention

USA, ArtCenter & Taiwan, NTUST, see the published on Core77 article & report by Urbanist.

Wearable R.I.P. pattern is published in an open resource design platform on Feel free to download and create your own.

Wearable R.I.P. is a design intervention project that pushes societal boundaries by exploring the taboo topic of death. This project aims to provoke thought and initiate conversations surrounding mortality uniquely and engagingly. Wearable R.I.P. is an interactive sonic coffin-like hoody.

When the user leans their neck forward, a transformative experience unfolds as the coffin activates, enveloping the individual in a carefully curated ambient soundtrack, reminiscent of nature's serene melodies. This immersive auditory encounter serves as a catalyst for introspection, prompting individuals to confront their own mortality and engage with the concept of death in a remarkably fresh and enlightening way. The coffin activates and plays music when the user leans their neck forward. This interactive experience creates a powerful and reflective moment, encouraging individuals to reflect on their own mortality and engage with the concept of death in a novel way.

Relaxing like the dead on the street

exploration 1: design intervention in the open loop (wearer - spectator - wearable)

R.I.P. Improvisation with dancers

in Cloud Gate Classroom  

exploration 2: design intervention in the closed loop (wearer - spectator - wearable)

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