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Constellation Design: 
Exploring Constellation of Everyday Things to Envisio
n Future Collaboration of Smart Things


Internet of Things [IoT] is a vision that every object can be connected and work as a group to create new experiences in people’s living. However, many existing IoT products are just designed as internet-enabled products that are remotely controlled through the cloud. Design researchers critically reflect that IoT designers are limited by the traditional single product design perspective, and lack of systematic perspective in seeing IoT as a design for collaboration of things. They recalled IoT designers to revisit the everyday practice in identifying ways to design intelligences into the existing products and exploring design inspirations for collaboration of things. This work proposes Thing Constellation, a novel approach to investigating the collaboration of everyday products and exploring the possible design patterns for future intelligent design. This work contributes ways of understanding relationships among people and objects that would be difficult to elicit through traditional observations. 


  • Research through Design

  • Semi-Structured Interview

  • Design Intervention (Field Study)

  • Thematic Analysis

Results & Contribution: 

  • [to be updated]

Collaborators & Acknowledgement: 

Rung-Huei Liang (supervisor), Lin-Lin Chen (supervisor), Yi-Ching (Janet) Huang (researcher), Jane Yung-Jen Hsu (researcher).  


Yu-Ting Cheng, Rung-Huei Liang, and Lin-Lin Chen. 2022. Exploring constellation of everyday things to envision future collaboration of smart things. Journal of Design, 27 (4), pp 45-pp68. [Semantic translation, Chinese]


The following presents a brief introduction and research photos of the project. More details can be seen in my publication or contact me for further information.

Transition of a Home (After People)

Transition of a Home (After People)

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