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IKEA PS Collection Rebranding Design 


Project Detail:

2012 ReBranding Design Strategy / Product Identity Design for IKEA

Product Design, NTUST, Taiwan

The PS Collection is a testament to IKEA's commitment to design, originally introduced in 1995 to emphasize the company's design-focused ethos. PS, short for Post Scriptum, aims to showcase cutting-edge Scandinavian furniture design while staying true to IKEA's core values of affordability and quality. In line with this, the project anticipates the upcoming PS collection for 2015, titled "HOME TOGETHER."

As part of the trend study, IKEA has introduced an experimental paper electronic product called the KNAPPA camera, which integrates technology into furniture and object design. Recognizing this emerging trend, the project proposes the HOME TOGETHER collection, which envisions a technologically connected home. Building upon the product identity of the KNAPPA paper camera, this project designs three additional paper electronic products to promote the new PS collection, HOME TOGETHER.

Design Teams: Yu-Ting Cheng, Migo Yang, Jack Lee.

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