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Future Fossil: 
Speculating Our Everyday Objects become Fossils in the Future

future fossil-23.jpg

Project Detail:

2014 Design Fiction /

Design Department, Taiwan, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Project Team:

Yu-Ting Cheng, Yian Chen, Ya-Han Lee, Chi Chu, Nicolo Buzzaccaro

The project delves into speculative design, envisioning future fossils inspired by the Japanese sci-fi animation, "Spirits of the Past."

The film paints a picture of a future Earth where flora reigns supreme. In this new world order, the environment has transformed to favor plants, becoming inhospitable to humans. To endure in this botanical realm, humans scavenge remnants from their ancestors. They then compress these relics to extract essential materials and nutrients. This narrative serves as a backdrop for our exploration, which presents a series of potential fossils and reimagined Chinese characters. These artifacts reflect the values, beliefs, and lifestyles of the humans of this imagined future. Thus, we depict future fossils as solidified tree resin. The remnants left outside are extracted by humans into different elements. The inscriptions serve as names for these fossils, documenting the essential elements that can be derived from each fossil.


未來化石推測設計——靈感來自日本科幻動畫《銀髮阿基德Spirits of the Past》的啟發,延伸動畫的時代背景,創作一系列「若日常生活的物件跑到未來後,會變成什麼樣?」,同時也設計一系列的未來文字,闡述未來的價值觀、生活方式、環境、文明的劇烈改變。動畫描述了一個未來地球,而植物成為主導方。在這個新的世界秩序中,環境已經轉變為有利於植物的,對人類則變得不利於生存。為了在這個以植物為主人的領域中生存,人們搜尋他們祖先的遺留物,並壓縮這些遺物以提取必要的材料和營養。因此,我們呈現出未來的化石是由樹液固化,遺留在外面的遺留物則被人類萃取成不同的元素;文字則為這些化石的名稱,紀錄了每個化石可以萃取出的重要精髓元素。

future fossil

future fossil

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