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Tomorrow Herbal Tea
A Co-Design Workshop in Speculating Taiwanese Future Herbal Drink



The workshop brought together designers, artists, and herbal tea masters to engage in a brainstorming thought experiment, imagining new illnesses and needs of future Taiwanese people, speculating on future herbal tea formulations, and initiating local Taiwanese speculative design.


  • Co-design workshop

  • Design tool intervention

Results & Contribution: 

  • [to be updated]

Collaborators & Acknowledgement: 

Po-Wen Kong, GroundZero Studio(畸零地工作室), National Museum of Taiwan History (國立台灣歷史博物館), Healing Herbar (老濟安青草茶店)


Speculatizen online blog [1], [2], [3] 


The following presents a brief introduction and research photos of the project. More details can be seen in my publication or contact me for further information.

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