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Speed Crossing Odyssey
Designing for Einstein's Dreams 

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Project Detail:

2017 Speculative Project with Dunn & Raby

Speculative Design, Boisbuchet, France Team work: Yu-Ting Cheng, Alfa Lee, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco

Speed Crossing Odyssey is a speculative design project that presents an intriguing fictional persona, scenario, and world inspired by Alan Lightman's novel, "Einstein's Dreams." This captivating fictional world envisions a unique setting where multiple time zones coexist harmoniously. The project revolves around a dedicated research team embarking on an extraordinary expedition to explore and document this extraordinary realm using their smartphones. In this mesmerizing world of diverse time zones, the researchers skillfully capture mesmerizing photos and videos that form a captivating collage, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of different temporal realities. Through their dedicated efforts, the research team not only captures the essence of this temporal wonderland but also invites viewers to contemplate the complexities and possibilities of a world beyond the constraints of a linear timeline. 

We are expedition 62.
We have found a weird world with multiple time zone.
We call it 'speed crossing odyssey'.
It is the world that
human's body has adapted themselves
into an unconstant speed.
We represent their everyday life through video. 

Phone as a mediator or amplifier...

We explore the speed world through the phone.

//The way how they eat an apple

//The way how they relax on the grass

//The way how they walk(fly)

What's more, we found some samples in that world. 
The creatures and artefacts are also shaped into a new form.
We predict the reason for unconstant speed
is the world with different 'gravity'. 
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