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Once Upon a Future

2018 "Design Fiction" IoX Center Project

Design Research, NTUST, TW

Research Team: Yu-Ting Cheng, David Chung, Wen-Wei Chang, Ya-Han Lee, Chen-Yo (GGDog), Hao-Yiang Lin, Wenn-Chich Tasi, Rung-Huei Liang 


Envisioning the future in a multidisciplinary collaboration continues to be a challenge. This paper presents a tool for engineers and designers to envision applications of emerging technologies. Drawing on the "suspension of disbelief" in audio drama and episodic memory theory about creativity, we build a four-act board game for creative narration. Participants are guided to enact future application scenarios by using playing cards along with theme music and sound effects. To test the tool, we conducted three workshops to discuss the distinct advantages and challenges of this approach.

2018. Late-Breaking-Work. DIS conference

Author Version PDF

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