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本研究的主要貢獻為,引用日本美學「侘寂」,重新應用至「時間形temporal form」上的設計,提出「一期一會、慢思、留白、毀滅、堅持」的五元素,重新設計於純聽覺與視覺的時間表達(expression),讓時間感現身的冥想互動體驗。最後提出時間形的v-t圖(速度-時間),詮釋五種元素如何應用至互動領域的「時間形設計」。 

Expanding on Wabi-Sabi as Material to Design Temporal Form

2017_TaiCHI Conference in Taipei, Taiwan


Recent years have seen increased attention being given to wearable interaction in literature. Either function- driven or fashion-driven styles were widely discussed in wearable devices design. The aim of these discussions attempts to allow wearers to feel comfortable physically. However, it was not completely explored. Some studies stated wearables as a relationship tool allowing us to better understand the interaction between people. Drawing on the speculative wearable design, we intend to craft the most comfortable wearables both in physic and psychology. By operationalizing design fiction with anticipatory ethnography, we call for the Wearable R.I.P. emancipation to in-stu participants to relax like the dead on the street. Findings of the emancipation showed that participants’ meaning-making and reframing process by expert extended our understanding on wearable interaction. To conclude, this study may be of importance in explaining the meaning making from R.I.P. interaction, as well better understanding wearable interaction through speculative wearable design.

Relax like the dead on the street- Reconstituting speculative wearable design

2016_Master Thesis_NTUST

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